Boosh the Mighty

Hobgoblin Devastator


Level 11 Wild Magic Sorceror
Speaks: Common, Goblin
Base HP = 82
Speed = 30
Passive Perception = 11
AC = 14
Spell DC = 16
Spell Attack = +8

STR = 6
DEX = 16
CON = 16
INT = 12
WIS = 13
CHA = 18

Save Proficiencies = CON & CHA
SKill Proficiencies = Athletics, Arcana, Deception, Intimidation

Darkvision = 60 ft.

Background = Soldier: Influence with the hobgoblin army.

Saving Face: Increase a check, save, or attack roll that would miss by the # of allies within 30 ft that I can see. (max +5) (1/rest)

Wild Magic: can randomly cause magic surge after casting spell of level 1 or higher

Tides of Chaos: gain advantage on 1 attack, save, or ability check per day (can cause wild magic surge)

Meta-Magic: Twinned, Quickened, Empowered — (11 Sorcery points)

Bend Luck (2 sorc points to add +/- 4 to other’s roll)

Proficiency in Con/Cha saves
Proficiency in Athletics, Intimidation, and Bone Dice

Weapon Proficiency: daggers, darts, slings, quarterstaffs, light crossbows, flail, blowgun
Armor Proficiency: light armor
Tool Proficiency: Bone dice, Vehicles (land)

Spell List
Cantrips (6) : Dancing Lights, Fire Bolt, Mage Hand, Message, Minor Illusion, Shocking Grasp
Spells (12) :
– Level 1 (4 slots) :


Boosh is/was an elite warcaster in the recently displaced hobgoblin force. He had been a personal guard of the hobgoblin warlord and his wild magic had become widely known amongst the fighting men as a force both to be reckoned with and widely cautious of. As a young sorceror, he had struggled to control his magic and earned himself the name “Boosh” after the sound a fireball makes when it explodes in the mess hall… However, in years since, he has gained significantly more control over the magic, and his ruthless exploits and prowess in battle, as well as heroic efforts in thwarting several assassination attempts on the warlord, have given him a new reputation. Before the Hobgoblins were forced to surrender, the soldiers had taken to calling him “Boosh the Mighty,” as he had quickly risen through the ranks to become an uber-lieutenant, commanding his own small contingent of battle-mages and inquisitors.

“Please give quarter to most trusted Lieutenant and powerful magician, Boosh. His magic is a raging storm and will be great asset on journey. The legion calls him “The Mighty.” We shall miss his presence dearly, but your need will be greater. With fair treatment, he will be a most worthy ally. If we meet again, may it be as compatriots and not adversaries. Thank you for showing mercy to my people. By Maglubiyet’s will, we will prevail." – Pigskin document, signed in ink by the Hobgoblin warlord

Boosh the Mighty

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